Minecraft is a sandbox game. When you spawn you will have 10 minutes to get wood,food,stone,a home,and a cave to mine in.At dusk googlies will spawn to kill you,but don’t worry you can fight back.To fight you should use a sword,but it’s better to just stay in a house.If you can’t get a house dig down two blokes. Oh yeah put a bloke on top of you to be safe.I almost forgot.My name is XAVIER but you may call me magnum 88 I am 10 years old.My birthday is dec.29 2005.The reason I made this post is because I like minecraft and you might like it too.If you want some vids posted subscribe.I’ll make more posts later.bye!


7 thoughts on “mine(craft)

  1. I am so proud that you created this blog…….the content thus far is amazing but then again, i am your mother! Everything you do- makes me proud…love you son!!!


  2. OMG I love minecraft too and by the time I’m 10 I’ll be back and my mom says that we will meet up after our trip soo see you soon and also I LOVE MINECRAFT I loaf it even =3 my name is Liana by the way and call me mew if you want my min raft friends call me that so ya….

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  3. Ok boo everything looks good. So proud of you. I can’t believe you are able to do this I could never do something like this when I was your age. So amazing. I love you and will see you soon.

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